About the blog

Hi travelers,

I am Abhishek, passionate about travelling. I believe in enjoying the journey and not just the beauty of the destination.

As I can recall I started travelling alone when I was 12 and had to take 8-10 hours-long bus rides to reach my hometown from Vadodara, where I studied. This taught me the art to appreciate self while travelling alone.

Another part about travelling that I like is to meet new people and hearing the stories about their travel. In my travelling experience, I am grateful that I have met amazing people and wish to meet many more such people.

In this journey, I recently got married 🙂

You will start seeing the posts more about a couple traveling and less of solo travels.

What do you like about traveling? Do you like to travel solo? Are you a budget traveler or a luxurious tourist? Get in touch with the form below 🙂

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