Long weekend trip to Goa

Who doesn’t love Goa? The ones who never visited it. Or me as I visited Goa when I was 4.

As our Goa plan always fail I had booked the tickets for myself almost 4 months in advance. I had decided I will go whether anyone joins or not. Btw the tickets were super cheat at that time. Just to compare, my @IndiGo6E flight tickets were Rs 2000 for return compared to Rs 1700 one way from Bangalore to Goa by bus.

My friend, also my roommate, Sumit booked the tickets.

We reached Goa at 2 am when it was raining heavily. It was so bad that we didn’t even wait outside the flight to take the pics ;). The prepaid taxi counter was filled with people, no less than 50, inquiring for their destination. Thankfully we had asked a bike rent guy to keep the vehicle at the airport. We had to travel 40 kms to reach Calangute in the rain which seemed very difficult a task. I made a call to stay at an old friend’s hostel which was 5 kms away. All drenched we reached the hostel but since we met after an year we decided to stay awake and recreate the old college days. Imagine: no lights, raining and hot maggi ! 🙂

Friends and Maggi

With old friends, how could we not visit any haunted place?

We went to a  church, which really looked haunted as no living being was there. The place was uphill and had a beautiful view from there.

The Abandoned Church

It was 8 am when we decided to sleep as it was raining heavily and no way we could go to Calangute. We left for Calangute after 2 hours of sleep. The 35 kms ride was beautiful accompanied with frequent showers of rain.

We had booked Zostel which was flourishing with the travelers from the different parts of the world. We checked in to find our bed in the room, all named after musicians, Dylan. We set up our luggage and headed to Calangute and Baga beach. It was 25 minutes walk and we did buy ourselves raincoat.

Almost all shacks were closed since it was a dry day in Goa (elections 😦 ). After having lunch at Tito’s Lane we walked back to Zostel. We made a plan to visit Aguada fort after having a power nap. Power nap turned out to be couple of hours and the feeling of lethargy just crept in.  We stayed at the Zostel and made some new friends. We, 6 people,  played cards and decided to hangout next day together.

Sumit and Me

We went to Morgim Beach and Mapusa Market just to be disappointed. Being dry day in Goa, all the shacks were closed and the Mapusa market wasn’t the tourist market we expected. Along the way we had food at Sai Family Restaurant which was not much expensive but yummy. Btw, the coffee at Pizza Place sucks. It is the worst that I could have in the entire universe.

Morgim Beach is known for Turtle Nesting

That was the end of day 2 which ended with two of new friends going back to their home. We dropped them at Mapusa bus stand and grabbed some fried rice for dinner as parcel. Though the food at Zostel Cafe is good we wanted to try something new.

Next day, two of us left for the forts. First, we visited was Chapora fort also known as “Dil Chahta hai” fort. This fort is close to 10 kms north of Calangute. We spent couple of hours here enjoying the tea and photo shoots.

The View from Chapora Fort

From there we left for Aguda Fort. This fort is south of Calangute and an another tourist attraction. Along the way we had seen retail store that was magnanimous and thus we decided to stop there when we go to Panjim. We visited Panjim to visit the local market and get some Cashew nut back home.

Zostel was back 20kms which we reached at around 7:30pm after all the shopping. Back in Zostel we met another travellers and had couple of beers with them.  Did I mentioned that we picked 2kgs of Mango from Panjim so that we can share it back at Zostel?

That was the end of the day 3 and next morning we left at 6 am for the airport. Another 40 kms of travel with minimal petrol in the bike but we reached the airport somehow.

By the time Goa woke up from the late night party and hangover we reached Bangalore  to find our way to the office.

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