About my Sri Lanka plans

When anybody asks a Gujarati (people belonging to state of Gujarat in India) where would he like to settle? I bet he would say USA or Canada or Australia or New Zealand. For us, Gujarati, abroad means either one of these countries.

But for me? I don’t know. Though my first travel was to States (aka US) for a short duration of 15 days my heart never asked me to settle there. Thanks to this travel it landed me sufficient travel miles for my next trip to Sri Lanka.

There’s no particular reason to select Sri Lanka as next destination. It could have been Malaysia, Thailand, or Bhutan. Or, is there one? Yes, the flying miles were expiring in February ’17 and I need to book a flight to extend the validity of remaining flying miles.The airlines alliance was limited and there was only one option for me.

I booked my tickets for Colombo from Bangalore for 3rd March to 12th March (one week + both weekends) but made a booboo while doing so. I gave my credit card details to the agent over the call and soon I found my credit card to be blocked since some fraud attempts were made from that card. My debit card was also not enabled for international transaction and so my Visa process was on hold until I get a new card.

Recently, I got the new card and applied for ETA (Electronic Travel Authorization). It took 10 minutes for it to be approved.

Status as of Jan 29, 2017:

Tickets: Checked

ETA/Visa : Checked



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