Planning for First solo trip : Pondicherry

Now as we all know my intentions and reasons to solo travel, I had to decide my first destination for solo travelling. Pondicherry, Gokarna and Hampi were the shortlisted three. I finally chose Pondicherry  due to its locations from Bangalore (an overnight journey by bus) and Auroville (13km) and my favorite,  beaches.

I remember it was a Monday early morning when I decided to solo travel to Pondicherry. Making sure nothing goes wrong in the first trip is very important as anything going wrong would disturb my solo traveling interest.

I took a note and wrote the following on Monday, the day of planning itself:

Budget : 5,000 INR

Duration: Sat-Sun

Quality of stay needed: 3/5

Quality of transport needed: 3/5

With a clear thought I opened bus booking websites and observed most of the buses reaching around 6-7 am and leaves from Bangalore at around 9-10pm. So I would need hotel for only one night stay in Pondi. Perfect!

Onward journey in SRS Travels because it has pick up location from my office. And return from MMK Travels because that was the last bus from Pondicherry. TIME TO CHILL MAX. It was 1000 Rs each way.

For the hotel, I found one which was Rs 900 for a night and just 1 km to the beach. Till now, everything was under the budget.

Money remaining: 5000 – 2*1000 – 900 = Rs 2,100

I will post about the experience in Pondicherry in an another blog 🙂


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