The trip to Sri Lanka

The day came. 3rd March 2017. I am ready to go to office and look at watch to find it is 9:05 am; at the back of my mind I calculate that it is now 12 hours for the flight to Colombo from Bangalore. Also, I completed 18 months in that job that day.

It is 7pm and I am having cookies, omlette, and coffee at Plaza Premium Lounge at the International terminal of Bangalore International Airport. Enjoying the delicious meal I  realized that the status of my flight is “Now Boarding” I rush to the boarding gate to show the passport and the boarding pass.

Boarding Pass

Sri Lankan Airways UL172 was a wide body aircraft on that day and I got an aisle seat. Since I prefer aisle over window seat I was happy. The charismatic cabin crew was welcoming with wide smile wishing “Ayubowan” giving us, the travelers, just the glimpse of Sri Lankan hospitality.

Flying over the Indian ocean, we reached the Colombo airport, under renovation at that time. As planned, I stayed inside the airport listening to bollywood songs on the tv till the bus service started at around 4am.

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