Weekend Getaway to Chikamagalur

On the road towards Chikmagalur on Saturday

We left Bangalore at 8 in the morning when it was raining cats and dogs wishing the weather to be perfect in Chikmagalur.

Passing through Yashvantpur the rain had stopped and we joined the long stretch of highways. After paying at 5 toll plazas we reached the town of Chikmagalur. Our homestay was perfectly located just outside the city and with easy access to the important places. After settling down we left for the tallest peak. Due to my superior navigation skills we missed a sharp left turn and went ahead 13 kms. We realized this when we reached a waterfall which we weren’t supposed to reach.


We took a u-turn and reached the top by the time the sun was about to set. We were risk averse in nature and decided to leave before getting too dark. That night we spent with bonfire.

The next morning we left for the nearby lake. The lake is not visited by many tourists and so provides the morning bliss.



The next stop was a vague trail. It took quite a time and help from local people to find the track. The trick is to take the turn once you find this board. 😉 We hired a college going kid as our guide who knew 4-5 English words. It was a steep track.


We explored couple of nearby places when travelling back and then called it a day.

Over two days, we had food from multiple place but the most unhealthy yet yummy food was Town Canteen.

We left next day for Bangalore and had breakfast at Hoysala Village resort. They had unlimited as well as regular breakfast options. Since we wanted to travel without further stops we had limited breakfast which was okayish.

We reached Bangalore by 11 am when we left at 7am.

Contact me for more details 🙂

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