Next trip to Varkala

Varkala has been on my radar for quite some time now. Also, it has been almost 4-5 months since I traveled solo. That makes me double excited for this Varkala trip.

I am planning to spend around 2.5k for the entire three day two nights plan.


I have booked Island express which departs at 8pm fr om Bangalore and the sleeper class costs ~Rs 400. This train reaches 8:30pm at Whitefield, my boarding point and drops at 12 noon. The same train departs at 1:30 from Varkala and reaches Whitefield at 6am which will give me sufficient time to reach office next day


The hotel stay comes around at 250Rs for 2 nights 😉 Yea, that’s not a mistake. It’s 250 for 2 days.

This all makes the current expense at just 1k. 😍

Waiting for June 8th

Have you been to Varkala? Don’t mind putting in your invaluable tips and suggestions.

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