Small Budget Trip From Bangalore to Varkala

In the previous post I described about my travel plans to Varkala. I had already done my travel and accommodation booking well in advance to take advantage of offers and availability on trains. This helped me to board trains (400Rs in trains vs ~1000Rs in bus one way) and a 5 star rated homestay, Indigo Homestay, on Goibibo and TripAdvisor for ~Rs250. (Book from to get Rs700 back 😉 )

After traveling in an overnight train to Varkala, the weather was too pleasant to notice that tiredness of the travel. Accuweather had already predicted Thunderstorm for the weekend and still I had decided to travel in this remote area of Trivandrum. The ocean dragged me to it and I agreed to pay Rs 100 to the auto drivers. It seemed the standard rate for any place from the station. This aspect I liked the most as it saves a lot of pain of negotiation and the back thought of wondering if it was a fair deal.

After recommending few beach side places/shacks and offering the business card, the auto driver dropped me at the Indigo Homestay, a fine place with Cafe at the front. My body felt little better when offered with the complimentary welcome drink after sweating in the humid weather for a while. The first thing I did was run towards the beach/cliff, a mere 500 meters away, as I did in Pondicherry and as I always do.

Though there is not much to do in Varkala, you don’t need anything more than a beach and cafes to spend time for self or with fam. On most of the days I spent most of my time at Cafe Del Mar, located strategically to get the best of the sea and most of the tourists.

Remaining of the time, I would take a stroll on the beach or do morning jogging on the cliff for about 2-3 kms. Other times, I would be sipping cup of tea from Inda Hotel Cafe or The Himalayan Cafe.

On the last day amidst the rain, I went to get souvenir and while looking at the shops I found the Caffe Italiano. The view from the balcony on the first floor was breath taking and if it wasn’t for to take the train back home I would have sat at the place for couple more hours.

A return 5-16 hours train journey was a perfect solitude ride ending this memorable trip.


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